Efface Character Creator


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hi...I bought ur tool..when will it  be realized new characters, moves and more?

Tempted to buy this - can I add my own animations from something like mixamo or any other method?

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No, But you can send us the suggestions or the animations  that you want in this application at effacestudios@gmail.com so we will add them in the next update 

Sounds great! What format do you want me to send you the animations in?

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you can send us the link of Animation or if you want to send them as file then we'll prefer FBX Format

Perfect! Thank you.

Looks like it will be great. Will definitely purchase when 3d Export and custom clothing/colours are added.

Can we export it as a 3D model instead of a sprite ?
Can we add our own customized clothing & colors ?

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Thank you for your interest in our product.

Here are the answers to your questions:

1) Not yet, You can only export it as 2d Sprites for now. but we have future plans to add the feature of exporting the character as 3D models.
2) Unfortunately No. It has pre-designed clothing & colors but in future updates, you can expect the feature of custom colors of the clothing. 


Any progress/plans for adding the 3D export development?


The software looks quite useful especially for quick prototyping. I would like to know if you plan to add other races features too. As an african, it would be more beneficial to me, if the sprite I export from here have African characteristics too, since there are some african characters in my video games. Thanks

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Currently, There is no plan of adding other races at this moment. 

But we'd love to add new features to our product in future updates. If you have more suggestions please let us know. We'll add your suggestions to our task list. 

Thanks for the fast reply. I'll keep it on my radar then. I wanted to ask about 3d export and custom clothing but someone else did too, so I already have my answers.